Wissenschaft vom Bauen - Bauen von Wissenschaft

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Mission Statement

Building Science: Science of building – building of science

Civil engineers capture, understand, design, calculate, plan and maintain systems in a constant interplay of natural and built environments. In doing so, they assume societal, ecological and economic responsibilities.

At the Faculty of Civil Engineering teaching and research are linked closely and pursued at the highest level. We educate future leaders and advise decision makers on socially relevant issues. Civil engineers thereby play a vital role in improving quality of life and creating a sustainable world in times of change.

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Mission Statement
Science of building – building of science
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TU Wien
Dean's Office of Faculty of Civil Engineering
Karlsplatz 13/ 249-01
A-1040 Wien 

Academic Affairs:
Tel.: +43 1 58 801-200 12
Email: bauwesen(at)tuwien.ac.at

Tel.: +43 1 58 801-200 10
Email: info.bauwesen(at)tuwien.ac.at