Wissenschaft vom Bauen - Bauen von Wissenschaft

Mission Statement

Building Science: Science of building – building of science

Civil engineers capture, understand, design, calculate, plan and maintain systems in a constant interplay of natural and built environments. In doing so, they assume societal, ecological and economic responsibilities.

At the Faculty of Civil Engineering teaching and research are linked closely and pursued at the highest level. We educate future leaders and advise decision makers on socially relevant issues. Civil engineers thereby play a vital role in improving quality of life and creating a sustainable world in times of change.

Moving beyond the human scale, civil engineers enter both very small scales (e.g. building material optimisation) and very large scales (e.g. transport planning). People are always the centre of our actions, as is proclaimed by TU Wien’s mission statement: Technology for people.

As a faculty of TU Wien we commit fully to this statement and pay special attention to gender and diversity competences being introduced, implemented and maintained sustainably on all hierarchical levels of the faculty. Through this, the Faculty of Civil Engineering will continue to support diversity and equal opportunities at TU Wien.

What defines us:

A culture of mutual appreciation

Treating one another respectfully and with appreciation is the basis of our challenging and independent research and teaching duties. We distinguish ourselves by our ability to handle conflicts and build relationships, by bravery, collegiality and knowledge of ourselves and those next to us.

Applied interdisciplinarity

In a world of ever increasing complexity, we believe interdisciplinarity is an indispensable means to improving our ability of understanding the world. Applied interdisciplinarity is therefore an essential part of our continuing learning process. To this end we continue to expand the spectrum of applications for civil engineering competences and support the emergence of new disciplines in research and practice.

Building bridges between fundamental research, application and practice

Our research is focused on generating scientific knowledge based on questions arising from engineering practice. We thereby build bridges in our research and teaching between fundamental science and technical applications, which are essential for our societal development. Civil engineers guide this process towards implementation of technical applications in everyday use.

Pioneers in mathematical modelling

We aim to make the world more calculable, as this was the starting point for civil engineering as a discipline. The increasing influence of mathematics in our society helps us maintain, shape and develop our world, and also further mathematics and natural sciences themselves.

Fusing experimental and theoretical research

We connect theoretical models, which represent artefacts and processes as modelled reality, with empirical data gathered from measurements from nature and experiments. The latter require theoretical frameworks; and also the nature of the experimental data influences the form of the theory.

Advancing innovation

We advance innovation and performance processes in civil engineering on the basis of our research-driven focus through the individual skills, expertise and abilities of our employees and students. We thus substantially foster the competitive potentials of domestic enterprises and the construction industry as a whole.

Leadership in times of technological, ecological and socio-economic challenges

We are profound problem solvers and take on a leading role in a world that is becoming more complex and fast-paced through our technical expertise and academic reputation.