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Studien- und Prüfungsabteilung
Karlsplatz 13, Stiege 2/Halbstock
1040 Wien
Tel: +43 1 58801- 41188
E-Mail: studienabteilung(at)

Examination matters

Register and unsubscribe from an examination

The registration for course examinations is done via TISS or directly at the respective institute.
According to the part of the TU Vienna's statutes "Studienrechtlichen Bestimmungen", students have to unsubscribe from the examination at least two working days before the examination date if they are unable to attend the examination.

If the student doesn’t unsubscribe, he/she will be blocked for the exam for 8 weeks.


Repeat an examination

You can repeat negatively completed examinations four times. The third and fourth repetition takes place before an examination board. If you don’t pass the exam after the fourth repetition, you will be excluded from the study programme.

Information on the board examination can be obtained from the Dean's office.


Recognition of exams from other universities/studies

The following procedure applies for recognition of exams from other universities:

  • Filling out the form Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungen
  • Giving the completed courses and the courses to be credited of the study programme at the TU Vienna
  • Submission of the form with the certificates and descriptions of contents of the completed courses to the Admissions Office.

The completed courses have to correspond in extent and content to the courses according to the study programme at the TU Vienna. If there is no corresponding course at the TU Vienna to the completed course, you can use it as a free elective.


Recognition of courses from schools

Subjects completed at a school will not be credited. All courses have to be completed according to the curriculum.

RFEM-licence for students (Dlubal)

Students of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering can download a time limited RFEM license for free.

This structural analysis software is presented and applied in certain constructive courses.


Psychological Counselling Services

The Psychological Counselling Services offer following services to all students:

  • advice and support in choosing a study programme and during the studies
  • Problems during the studies or in private life
  • Coaching
  • Supervision

Integrated and barrier-free studying

Information and support for students with disabilities can be found at:

Contact person:
Mag. Marlene Furhmann-Ehn
E.: fuhrmann-ehn(at)
T.: +43-158801-42950
F.: +43-1-58801-42998

Office: Resselgasse 4 (University library), 1040 Wien